Tabita Strimbu

Graphic Designer

tabita strimbu


Tabita is a Mercer University graduate with a degree in English Literature, Journalism, and Graphic Design. She is currently an in-house graphic designer for a social media marketing agency in Atlanta, Ga. Below is her most recent work.


The burnette agency



graphic design + email


My role at The Burnette Agency is multi disciplined, melding graphic design, email marketing, social media, and the occasional web design project together. I create marketing collateral, social media graphics, email campaigns, and much more for a variety of clients and occasions.


imagine media consulting





In my time interning at Imagine Media I carried out day to day business practices, like planning and scheduling content for multiple partners according to their engagement metrics and social media traffic. I developed and implemented custom Instagram story strategy and content for luxury jewelry and lifestyle brands. I was responsible for creating engaging content including writing pinterest copy, newsletters, and blog posts on a monthly basis for a variety of brands. I created custom graphics such as instagram story icons, quote graphics, and newsletter headers for partners.


hazel caldwell





Hazel is a studio artist, professor, and art therapist living in Georgia.  Hazel has been painting for the greater half of 20 years and had a career's worth of work to display. 

Her website is multipurpose: it displays her work across all mediums and subjects; it acts as a place for perspective clients and galleries to contact her, and introduces the artist and her work. We created a multifaceted and mobile friendly website for her and her clients. 


social newsdesk




 Mercer University's is home to The Center for Collaborative Journalism. In 2016 the CCJ launched a project called The CCJ Social Newsdesk. I designed the logo and complimentary social media graphics which were implemented into the Facebook page and webpage. The Social Newsdesk had and overall reach of 262,059 people in my three months involved on the project, and it continues to grow. The Social Newsdesk has since undergone a rebranding now called Engage CCJ.


mercer university





I designed the cover for Mercer University's seventh annual BEAR Day. BEAR Day is a two day event during which Mercer University students present their research across all disciplines.